Stanford Technology isn’t just in the business of selling EMR / EHR software. We are here to help you integrate the software into your practice and make sure you get the most from your investment. Even if you purchased your software from another company, we offer training to help you make sense of your new system as well as top level consulting services

Beyond the Manual

We are not just reading from the manual when we train you how to use your new software. Our years of experience have shown us that no two practices operate the same. Because of this, it is our commitment to ensure that your training is tailored to your unique needs.

You will get more than a ‘how-to’ when you rely on Stanford Technology for staff training. You will learn how to stay compliant with the latest government regulations. You will learn best practices. You will even learn how your workflow can be adjusted to improve efficiency and quality of care.

Training On Your Terms

Training can be a difficult thing to make time for at a busy practice and often falls by the wayside. Stanford Technology understands the importance of proper training and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. An improperly trained staff can lead to lost revenue, lowered efficiency, and decreased patient care. Our knowledgeable and qualified training team can work with your staff on your time.

Increase efficiency and improve patient care with exceptional training from Stanford Technology.