Practice Plus

Stanford Technology offers a superb solution with e-MDs Practice Plus. Practice Plus is a fully-integrated web-based EMR / EHR and practice management solution inspired by small independent medical offices just like yours. It addresses the unique billing software and electronic records management challenges you face as an independent office. Built upon best practices from existing e-MDs solutions, this web-based EMR / EHR solution is an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that streamlines workflow and enhances care quality.


Why is a web based EMR / EHR and Practice Management system effective for the independent medical office?

Practice Plus is easy and affordable to implement, quick and simple for your staff to learn, and low maintenance. Of course, you already know how critical it is to manage cash flow and maintain electronic health records. And as an independent practice, you may not have a dedicated IT staff, so some of the options available for typical EMR / EHR and Practice Management Systems just do not fit your smaller practice’s needs. That is precisely why a web-based solution is so effective.

The Practice Plus web-based EMR / EHR solution was built to suit the specific demands of smaller offices, where health professionals need to keep the medical office running smoothly while maintaining patient focus. We understand that staff members share multiple responsibilities when it comes to managing the clinical and business sides of the smaller practice.

e-MDs Practice Plus is more than an EMR / EHR product – it is a comprehensive full practice solution.


e-MDs Practice Plus is a web-based subscription service, not a static piece of software. A simple log-on gives you access to our secure system and your practice’s data. Updates to the program will stream automatically to your computers, so manual reinstallations are never required.

With more than 20 years experience Stanford Technology can partner with you to reach your peak efficiency. Contact us for a quote, Practice Plus is a smart purchase.

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