• e-MDs is a health care services company dedicated to helping its customers deliver high-quality healthcare by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving the quality of care and patient safety.


  • Practice Partner, now part of the e-MDs Corporation, is a leading provider of integrated EMR / EHR, medical billing, and appointment scheduling software. For more than 20 years, we have been helping physician practices increase productivity and improve quality of care.


  • The suite of Medisoft solutions gives you everything you need to completely automate your practice. From scheduling to the electronic documentation of patient care to billing and account management, Medisoft helps make your practice more efficient and more profitable.


  • RelayHealth’s clearinghouse service supports the entire revenue cycle: real-time access to insurance eligibility checking prior to care; claims compliance and submission; remittance advice; and patient billing.



  • Practice Partner is a SureScripts Certified Solution Provider, enabling physicians to use Practice Partner Patient Records to securely and reliably exchange prescription data with pharmacies, saving physician practices valuable time by reducing pharmacy phone calls and faxes.



  • Bill Flash Statement integration helps with the challenge of producing paper statements that are typically expensive and fraught with mistakes, risks, and headaches. Electronic alternatives, like email, make great business sense except Payers overwhelmingly still demand paper. In fact, most analysts estimate 95-98% of all statements are still printed and mailed. Most Billers are left waiting for consumers to request electronic statements. Wait no longer.



  • Callpointe has created an easy to use web-based service for medical professionals to automate patient communications. Callpointe services reduce office No-Shows and free the medical staff to spend more time with their patients. We specialize in appointment reminders by phone, email and text reminder service. Additionally, Callpointe automates functions like secure lab test results and health maintenance recalls.



  • Wellcentive™ offers an add-on to EMRs / EHRs - to generate sustainable revenue from clinical quality reporting.


  • e-MDs Practice Choice is a web-based EMR / EHR and practice management solution inspired by small independent medical offices just like yours. Built upon best practices from existing McKesson solutions, our web-based EMR / EHR solution is an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that streamlines workflow and enhances care quality.


You have enough on your plate without having to wade through the intricacies of identifying the ideal practice management solution. We know what your office needs, and what will best streamline your workflow demands. Put simply, we're here to make your job easier - so let's discuss how we can easily implement a comprehensive practice solution. We're always ready to chat.