Hosted Solution

Enjoy the peace of mind of Stanford Technology Cloud Services.

Maintaining data and servers can be a hassle. Stanford Technology offers an alternative that saves you the trouble and ensures that your data is secure while still easily accessible to you and your staff.

Our secure Data Center gives you the power of server replication without the cost of purchasing multiple servers or the hassle of remembering to take your backup tape off-site. Our Data Center provides you with the most uptime redundancy that medical practices require these days. Also, with our dynamic hardware possibilities, there is no more purchasing of new servers just to run the latest Microsoft Windows Server or the latest releases of your McKesson EMR/EHR/Scheduling/Practice Management software. Additionally, we can add software and hardware quickly and easily to suit most every need and even convert databases from CTree to SQL.

Beyond Medical

Stanford Technology Data Centers serve more than the medical community. If your company is in need of secure data hosting, look no further! Stanford Technology Cloud Services are built and maintained by qualified professionals that are prepared to treat your company’s data with the same care and confidentiality we offer our medical clients.